Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Selenite Gemstone Available at Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy

Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy, in Oklahoma City, is offering a new selenite gemstone sphere to help with emotional healing from trauma and depression. Depression can cause trouble sleeping, foggy head and inhibit immune function. This gemstone can help release past experiences and negative feelings that cause a person to feel depressed.

Individuals suffering from depression can choose from several different gemstones. Carnelian encourages positive thinking, pink sapphire helps heal emotional wounds, mother of pearl makes clients feel nurtured and more secure, and sodalite helps resolve sluggishness caused by chronic negativity. The stones are used on the body, in the aura, or by spraying them in liquid form.

Each therapeutic gemstone holds a purpose for use in therapy and can create a relaxed space when placed on the body. Five basic gemstones—onyx, agate, dark green aventurine, mother of pearl and pink rhodonite—are used in conjunction with other gemstones for each treatment.

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