Self-Acceptance, Inner Freedom and True Happiness

Many individuals seek validation, approval and acknowledgment from the people around them, comparing looks, actions, abilities, possessions and more with others. Getting comfortable with our abilities, looks and feelings helps us to stop looking for approval outside of ourselves and work toward self-acceptance.

Over time we have embraced truths about people, places and things that formed our belief system. Even though these truths may no longer be accurate, we have allowed them to become a pattern in our life. Breaking through those patterns that we have embraced for so long requires a commitment and a willingness to be truthful. The key is to learn to let go, move on and usher in a more loving energy, giving ourselves the time and space to observe our situation with love. This helps us take the control of our actions away from our ego, leading to self-acceptance, inner freedom and true happiness.

Source: Life Coach and Licensed Hypnotherapist Wilhelmina McKittrick. For more information, visit or