Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sound Healing: An Introduction

by Mel Wooden

The entire world around us is a song, and our surrounding environment is vibrating a frequency. The energy emitted is endless because everything we come into contact with is vibrating, even though inanimate objects appear to be solid. We each are individual instruments playing our own song amidst an ocean of sound.

When we experience illness or disease, a piece of our music is in disharmony. We often hold on to emotions and deeply impactful observations that can seep into our cells like a slow-releasing poison. Sound can be absorbed into all the cells of the body because they are always listening. To bring our emotions back into alignment is to allow the true nature of one’s own song to harmonize with the universe. It will be proven by the ease and peacefulness that emerges from releasing what is no longer serving, allowing the sounds and intentions to wash away heaviness and create new space for one’s cells to receive. With intention, the instrument becomes a healing force. Intention is the most important element of sound healing, and it involves rediscovering a part of the self that forgot who it was. Intention creates a bridge for the sound to be received.

A didgeridoo, an aboriginal instrument comprised of a hollowed out eucalyptus tree branch, can be an effective sound healing instrument for beginners. The frequency has a grounding effect. The growling Earth frequencies can have an immediate purifying effect on the body and perception of one’s surroundings. The simplicity of this peaceful sound journey can deepen a desire to learn more about ancient instruments and healing modalities. The instruments have been around for a long time whispering gently in the wind, urging us to breathe deeper.

The most primal beginning of sound—the drums—was inspired by the heartbeat. Drums have a mesmerizing, enchanting effect, addressing the heart in acknowledgment. The drum is the physical manifestation, or pulse, of indelible connectivity. Hearing a drum can elicit feelings of ancestors nearby encouraging one to listen to everything, to feel the vibrating effervescence of life in every level of our existence.

Crystal singing bowls are another effective sound healing instrument. The vibrations ring through cells like liquid light waves, gently purifying the body with peace and deep relaxation. They are made of quartz crystal melted and molded into a bowl shape. Some are infused with other stone and metal properties and are called alchemy bowls. Striking the singing bowl with a rubber mallet allows the sound to resonate for some time after.

Tibetan singing bowls, also called standing bells, are made of seven different metals. Each one is hand-hammered, and every strike is infused with a healing prayer as the bowl is crafted. Tibetan singing bowls are native to the Himalayas, originating around 560 to 480 B.C. They have been used for healing and meditation experiences. The bowls are played by striking them with a wooden or suede mallet, or placing them directly on the body and ringing them like bells. The sound of the singing bowls is angelic; each one is unique. The sounds bring our unconscious fears to the surface and let our inner child know it is safe to come out again. The effectiveness of the singing bowls, as well as other sound healing modalities, on our cells is because our being is comprised of vibrations. When people release their burdens and suffering, thus allowing for healing, their true songs can be heard again.

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