Sowing Seeds: Stories as Soul Nourishment for Children

No one can refute the power of story to move something deep within, uncovering previously hidden facets of ourselves. Throughout time, humankind has utilized the medium of myths, legends, fairy- and folk-tales to better understand ourselves, the world and our place in it. Nothing can quiet the body and ignite the soul of a child quite like a good story.

Sharing a book with a child provides the opportunity to give the gift of self-discovery and help them understand and express what Fred Rogers called, “the inner drama of childhood.” The ability to see themselves in a relatable protagonist sends the message that a child’s experiences and feelings are mentionable and manageable, planting seeds of self-acceptance and cultivating an inner environment in which the child can thrive and grow into the person they were born to be.

Few things are more nourishing to the spirit of a child than curling up with a loved one to see their own struggles and strengths on display in the pages of a book. Whether it is an adopted child hearing about his own history in The Not in Here Story, by Tracey Zeeck, of Oklahoma City, or a little one struggling to fit in finding an original heroine in monster Bernadette in Mostly Monsterly, by Tammi Sauer, of Edmond, there is a tale for every child.

Source: Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Radical Living Coach Joanna Lambert.

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