How to Spot Subluxation in a Good Baby

Quiet, good babies may be suffering from pain due to a misalignment to the spine called subluxation. Chiropractors can address these changes, but they are not easy to spot. Many babies with this condition do not express facial demeanor, animation or react to changes in their environment. They may appear to be disassociated from their bodies. These infants exhibit phases of weakness and deficiency of health and are usually suffering from partial sensory shutdown with a delay in developmental milestones. They can be late walkers, late talkers and more neurologically disorganized if the signs of subluxation are ignored.

Subluxation symptoms also include not latching on when nursing, swallowing without sucking, experiencing colic, being tongue-tied, constipation, gas, and a lack of weight gain. Babies can also exhibit sleep changes, such as too much sleep, not changing positions in the night, prone belly with legs lying flaccid, and the need to be awakened for feeding. In addition, subluxation may appear in an inability to lift the head or push up, or the head and neck not turning. Vision, auditory, manual and tactile irregularities can also appear in babies with subluxation. If a baby exhibits any of these symptoms, a visit to a children’s chiropractor is probably in order.

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