Sunday, June 16, 2019

Starlite Salon Implements Recycling Program

Starlite Salon, in Oklahoma City, has implemented a recycling program with the help of Fertile Ground Co-op. Residing in a 20s-era bungalow, the studio is dedicated to being good environmental stewards, offering sustainable retail product lines, shampoo refills at half the cost to minimize waste, and organic and cruelty-free hair color. The studio also recycles foil used for highlights and even composts hair clippings.

These changes have not been easy. “The city doesn’t offer commercial recycling pickup and the two leading recycling companies in our area charge separately for each type of bin so it would have been too expensive for us to recycle everything,” explains Starlite’s Courtney Hurst. “We’re a small business and have several unique items to recycle.”

Fertile Ground, a local worker-owned cooperative that offers compost and recycling pickup, helped the studio meet their unique recycling needs. “They charge less per bin when you order multiple. I had the idea of asking other businesses on our block to go in with us and Fertile Ground was fine with that,” says Hurst, who generated enough support to get the service while inspiring other businesses to begin recycling programs.

Location: 719 NW 23rd St. For more information, call 405-557-0088 or visit