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Stay Healthy While Traveling: Local Physician Shares His Expertise in Travel Well, Naturally


Dr. FrankStay Healthy While Traveling: Local Physician Shares His Expertise in Travel Well, Naturally


by Sheila Julson


Dr. Bryan L. Frank, integrative physician and owner of Re-Genesis Health, in Edmond, has trekked around the globe for 30 years on personal trips and medical missions. He’s been rewarded with seeing vast sights and experiencing myriad cultures, people and food, but foreign travel can also bring illness from exposure to disease or poor sanitation in some countries. Today, Frank is wellversed when it comes to maintaining good health during an overseas excursion, and he shares his expertise in his book, Travel Well, Naturally: An Essential Guide to Staying Healthy on Personal, Business or Mission Travel.


What prompted you to write Travel Well, Naturally?


I was asked to write the book because I have 30 years of experience traveling to over 60 countries on six continents as an adventurer, medical missionary, travel physician and teacher. I have trained and practiced in both conventional medicine—anesthesiology and pain managementand complementary and alternative medicine, including acupuncture, laser and microcurrent therapies, cupping, essential oils, botanical and herbal therapies and more. With this eclectic experience, I was able to share how to stay well while traveling, or while staying home, naturally.


What are some common health mistakes that people make while traveling abroad?


Perhaps the most common mistake is lack of preparation. Planning ahead can avoid many of the ailments or struggles that travelers can encounter. Crowded airlines, airports, cities and such can lead to greater exposure, and remote and wilderness settings also have their own set of potential challenges. I have vast experience in all these settings globally.


The next most common mistake is to go without some basic essentials that I always travel with. I never travel domestically or internationally without structured silver liquid, gel and nasal spray and activated charcoal tables or capsules. I also take a variety of botanical/herbal and homeopathic or essential oil remedies while traveling. These are far less likely to have side effects than pharmaceutical medications and are often as likely to yield good clinical success.


How can people prepare before a trip to avoid a medical mishap?


Plan your first aid kit before you go and travel with much greater peace of mind. Structured silver and activated charcoal are my top two products to carry, followed by a combination of botanicals and herbals, homeopathic remedies and essential oil products.


I also carry a few small items that are useful in case of injury or accident, such as a compact laser and a compact microcurrent device for pain, injury, self-acupuncture or auricular therapy, travel fatigue or jetlag, sleep disruption and more.


What benefits can homeopathic and herbal remedies offer over traditional medicines while traveling?


A small collection of these remedies may be carried in a travel bag and offer therapeutic benefits for a wide range of issues. The book details how to address jetlag and travel fatigue, motion sickness, sunburn, frostbite, gastric illnesses, cough, cold, flu and many other conditions, which could interrupt or interfere with the joy of travel.


Much of your extensive travel involves mission work to underprivileged countries affected by malaria, food poisoning or cholera. In addition to Western travelers protecting themselves against disease, what can be done to help people in those nations improve their wellness?


On my travels, we protect ourselves naturally and do not take prophylactic pharmaceutical medications for illnesses, such as malaria. We have years of experience curing malaria with nontoxic natural agents, and we have documented this by lab tests before and after treatment to prove the efficacy of the therapies. Given these results for many years, I know for myself that if I can cure malaria, then I can prevent it with the same safe solutions without the risk of adverse side effects that I see in other travelers that take these medications. Malaria is only one example of ailments that could affect us head to toe while on travel, or at home.


Proceeds from Travel Well, Naturally: An Essential Guide to Staying Healthy on Personal, Business or Mission Travel go entirely to global missions. Each sale allows Dr. Bryan L. Frank and his medical teams to treat up to five people that have little or no access to health care. The book is available through or at Re-Genesis Health, located at 65 S. Saints Blvd., Edmond. For more information about Frank’s mission work, visit


Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.



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