Friday, November 22, 2019

Natural Awakenings Welcomes Your Participation!

Every edition of Natural Awakenings features numerous local News Briefs about events and businesses and one or two Kudos. Our magazine also features Health Briefs and Global Briefs that go into our more than 80 affiliate magazines.

You can help us in our mission to make Natural Awakenings a timely resource for holistic and natural living. Let us know what you would like to see in our magazines, either through suggestions or submissions of finished articles or briefs.

Global Briefs

Global Briefs are short news bites that bring attention to ideas, trends, research and events that are at the leading edge of sustainable, holistic living. If there is something you think our readers would enjoy, please pass it on us for consideration. You can either compose an original brief or simply send us a link to a related story.

Global Brief Submission Guidelines

Health Briefs

The Health Briefs are short, interesting clips of information often referring to a new health fact or leading-edge research in a particular field. This is an opportunity to share bits of information about your particular therapy, (examples: massage lowers blood pressure; acupuncture shortens labor; exercise eases depression).

Health Brief Submission Guidelines


Articles featured in Natural Awakenings cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of health, healing, inner growth, fitness and earth friendly living.

Article Submission Guidelines