Teaching Children Happiness

The tender, gentle love a parent brings to a child reflects the human element of the life force, which is love. It takes a tremendous leap of faith to bring a child into this world, and it is an expression of hope, possibility and joy for the here and now.

Although the commitment to a child is a very complex one, the primary function of a parent is to provide protection so that the child can grow to maturity and give back to life. The relationship with a child is equal parts pride and worry, but the unconditional love of a parent will always be there. Early on, parents should teach children a loving and joyous manner. Even though their attention spans are short, young children absorb this type of teaching with lightning speed and very little need for repetition.

Children should be taught to be responsible until about age 12, and then parents must disengage—slowly let go and provide suggestions instead of orders, releasing the child into God’s care. Allowing them to find and rely upon God will help them find happiness, which can only exist in the present.

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