Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Tree Bank Foundation Celebrates 32 Years

The Tree Bank Foundation, a statewide nonprofit organization that seeks to promote and plant trees to enrich Oklahoma communities, is celebrating 32 years of service this year by planting more than 224,000 trees through several programs.

One such program is Disaster ReLeaf, which plants trees in areas that have been impacted by a natural disaster to help the region recover its canopy. Shade Trees On Playgrounds, which helps protect the youth from the sun and encourages outdoor play by planting trees in areas where children gather, is another organization that will add trees to Oklahoma.

Donating entire orchards to organizations that feed the hungry and providing them with a sustainable source of fresh food, Oklahoma Orchards will add trees to the state, along with Great Tree Giveaway, which donates 3-gallon trees to the community. Memorial Trees provides customers with the opportunity to honor loved ones with memorial trees for a small donation, and Tree School and the I Like Trees Art Contest help elementary schools conduct tree lessons for their students and hosts art contests for first- through third-graders.


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