Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Water Bar OKC Offers Alkaline Water

Hideoutart has opened The Water Bar, located at 911 West Britton Road, in Oklahoma City. Visitors can sample the alkaline water to taste the difference of this healthy beverage.

Many individuals who drink alkaline water report anti-inflammatory benefits, including increased energy and mental clarity, improved memory, clearer skin, weight loss, detoxification, improvements in cardiac conditions, stabilizing of diabetic blood sugar, better digestion and lessening or elimination of inflammatory issues, such as arthritis, allergies and asthma.

Healthy enzyme and hormone systems and the blood’s ability to carry oxygen all depend on an alkaline pH. Together, these systems impact our overall health. The Water Bar offers an alternative to bottles, pitchers and carbon filters that protect drinking water from the many contaminants present in today’s water supplies.

Cost: $5 first gallon and $2 refills. For more information, call 405-760-0683 or email

  • Nikki February 20, 2019

    I would like to purchase some Alkaline water from you. please tell us where you are located