Friday, July 19, 2019

Tick Disease Awareness in Pets

People are not the only victims of tick disease. Animals often contract tick-borne illnesses and deal with many of the same symptoms as their human counterparts. These can include joint pain, blood problems and even bone marrow suppression due to blood loss from these parasites.

The most common tick diseases in Oklahoma are Ehrlichia canis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and anaplasmosis. Lyme disease is not as common for pets. Best Friends Animal Clinic, in Shawnee, and Wellington Parke Animal Clinic, in OKC, can test for these diseases and offer prevention for their clients.

“Prevention is the key since it only takes a single bite to get this process started in your pet,” explains Dr. Brad Roach, veterinarian with both clinics. “Many of our clients use us because of our holistic approach to medicine, but this particular problem can be so overwhelming in Oklahoma that it is necessary to use conventional products for prevention and doxycycline for treatment. In addition to using essential oil blends to apply as a repellant, we do recommend Preventic collars because they paralyze the mouth of the tick so that bite/attachment is prevented. We also have had rave reviews from our clients about a new three-month pill called Bravecto for fleas and ticks.”

Locations: 1313 N. Harrison Ave., Shawnee, and 3001 Tinker Diagonal St., OKC. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Shawnee at 405-273-5617 or OKC at 405-605-6675.