Toe Reading: A Powerful Intuitive Modality

Toe reading, a derivative of reflexology, is a powerful intuitive modality, often referred to as soul coaching. The toes carry our life stories in them, and, as our lives change, so do our toes.

During a toe reading, the practitioner serves as an instrument of peace and holds sacred space while sitting at the feet of the client and observing his or her toes from a place of love, not judgment. The practitioner reads the toes through observation, noting characteristics such as curvature, lines, scars, color, temperature and more to help paint a picture of the client’s life. From there, the practitioner asks a series of questions to uncover areas of potentially unhealed emotions or blocks within the client’s life.

This experience allows clients to reflect on their own lives and look at areas that may be preventing them from moving forward on their life path.

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