Sunday, May 26, 2019

Treating the Whole Person: Chiropractic and BEST

by April Morford, DC

Sarah was in a car accident that left her feeling sore and tired most of the time. As a nursing student, she didn’t have time to deal with the constant struggle of neck and back pain or unrelenting headaches that didn’t let her think straight. She needed help so she could care for her patients and pass her exams, so she sought chiropractic care. Typical chiropractic adjustments align joints, thus reducing stress and providing powerful stimulation of nerves that both stops pain and promotes healing. Spinal exercises are then used to strengthen the muscles and stabilize posture for long-term results. But sometimes that still doesn’t get to the true root of the problem.

For Sarah, she did get great results through traditional adjusting techniques and following her specified rehab program. Yet something still wasn’t right. Every couple of weeks, she would suffer bouts of headaches that kept her in bed, leaving her frustrated and feeling left out. That’s when she was introduced to BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique, or BEST.

While Sarah was treated physically with solid results, she was experiencing pain at another level: mentally and emotionally. BEST is a method of dealing with stresses that interact and cause symptoms in the body at various levels. Our bodies don’t differentiate stress well, if at all.  That’s why during mentally stressful times, like paying bills or taking exams, we tend to clench our teeth and tighten our shoulders. The stress of our thoughts drains our physical energy. Over time, this often leads to pain that won’t go away no matter what pill, stretch, exercise or cream we use. The physical pain is a response to a nonphysical stressor, and this is exactly what BEST can address.

Sarah was nearing completion of her nursing program and was getting ready for the barrage of tests required for nursing certification. Every couple of weeks, the continual studying, clinical time and preparing for life after school would finally catch up with her. Already having felt much better in other areas, BEST was what provided the sought-after relief of eliminating her headaches. By addressing the physical problems with chiropractic adjustments and spinal rehab, then using a system that helped her deal with the other underlying stresses causing pain, Sarah was able to freely pass her exams and begin her career.

Since Doctor of Chiropractic Ted Morter developed BEST during the 1970s, chiropractors that offer the technique have seen great results. Whether a patient is suffering from a recent car accident or a chronic condition, these practices have provided another level of care that truly helps chiropractors find the causes of pain. Combining the power of chiropractic, exercise, nutrition and BEST can guide patients on their journeys to greater health and vitality.

April Morford is a doctor of chiropractic offering the BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique at Chiropractic Now, where she practices with her husband, Doctor of Chiropractic Kevin Morford. Chiropractic Now is located at 520 W. 15th St., in Edmond. For more information, call 405-844-4492 or visit