Thursday, September 19, 2019

Uplifting Family Through Community

There are endless choices for modern families to make, from neighborhood and schooling decisions to nutrition and lifestyle choices, and even which weekend activities to participate in. Encountering others with differing preferences can stir up self-doubt and indecision, which can drain precious energy and undermine family values. The principal function of family is to provide a safe haven, a solid foundation and a reliable residence from which to garner essential resources for the journey of life.

Envisioning the ideal family and then creating and sustaining that vision can seem impossible amidst a sea of opposing voices. Often, positive changes are called into question by well-meaning people that may not share our enthusiasm or understand our choices, leaving us feeling alone or in hostile territory. Searching for a community of like-minded friends to boost the spirit and provide real connections can uplift families and make the ideal family vision more attainable.

Source: Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Radical Living Coach Joanna Lambert. Location: Energetic Wellness, 2851 W. Edmond Rd., Edmond. For more information, call 405-359-1245 or email