Urban Homesteading for Everyone

Growing food in our homes and yards is a simple way to reduce waste, protect the environment and nourish our families. For those unfamiliar with gardening, planting herbs and vegetables is a great way to get started. It encourages people of all ages to get outside and get their hands dirty. Families can collect vegetable scraps and coffee grounds, blend them together and put them in the garden to nourish the soil. This teaches children about reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Sprouting is another simple activity that can be done year-round indoors. Put a tablespoon of alfalfa seeds in a glass jar and soak them overnight in an inch or two of water. Drain the water off and put mesh or nylon over the top, securing it with a rubber band. Rinse the seeds two or three times a day to keep them moist, drain the water and lay the jar on its side on the kitchen counter away from direct lights. In just a few days, the jar will be filled with sprouts and ready to enjoy on a salad or sandwich.

Source: Wes Williams. He can be reached at 405-520-3410.