Friday, August 23, 2019

Using Emotions and the Rational Mind to Create a Better Life

It is normal to feel stuck in life. Sometimes the sensation of being stuck comes from the emotions and other times it stems from the rational mind. Many do not know how to use both of these aspects of the mind effectively to progress in life.

Life and Career Coach Sherryl McGuire, Ph.D., of Radiant Living, explains: “Emotions can rule behavior, actions and attitudes without our awareness. They change quickly and it is important to clarify which ones are the most valid. Our rational mind regulates our emotional responses, helping us make good decisions. We need an objective, well-informed mind to clarify emotions and identify the choices available so that we receive our heart’s desire. The mind, working alone, leaves a hollow trail of poor choices that lacks meaning and detaches from the vibrant life of emotions.”

Citing the work of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., McGuire contends that we have the choice to create the life we want or forever remain stuck in a life half lived. “When we work with the emotional body, mind and spirit, and use the brain’s prefrontal cortex to sort through our choices, we can create the heaven on Earth we desire,” claims McGuire.

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