Thursday, December 5, 2019

Using Rediscovery Coaching for Emotional Healing

by Jodi Adcock

Titles like voice coach or fashion coach imply a vast knowledge of an art or skill; however, life coaches are by no means experts of life. True wisdom is gained only through being an eternal student and curious teacher, and most life coaches continually work at both. Life coaches often work in a specific area, such as fitness or business coaching; each has a niche—and then there is rediscovery coaching. Using the foundations of life coaching, rediscovery coaching adds the Six Levels of Rediscovery as a map to help navigate others through the healing process, helping to walk them through those places of suffering where many struggle to push through. Here is a short description of each level:

Level One – The Struggle: This level directly pertains to the heart of one’s storm, with a feeling of surviving minute by minute in daily life. Suffering comes in many forms: death or separation from a loved one; the loss of a career; loneliness; divorce; a trauma that involves physical and/or psychological lifestyle changes; or disease. There are so many tragic storms that people are forced to face in life. Some individuals do not realize they are suffering until it has cost them more than they have to give. They are struggling and forcing their way through life without stopping to understand the full effect of what has happened to them. This level involves the sole understanding that one is in a season of suffering.

Level Two – Realization: Many people stay in denial for a while before realizing that they are experiencing extreme emotional pain and suffering. Simply being able to admit emotions is a big initial step in the healing process. This level deals with one’s acknowledgment of what has actually happened.

Level Three – Acceptance: After realizing the suffering of a trauma or tragedy, understanding how that experience has changed oneself will take time. Acceptance is the awakening to how life is different now, after the storm. This level deals with one’s awareness of how the suffering has altered one’s life.

Level Four – Surrender: Once one is able to acknowledge and start accepting the many differences in life, that very realization will become so overwhelming that it will have to be released somehow in order to move forward. The full awareness of one’s reality erases essential dreams and expectations. This is the area where many people get stuck. This level requires supernatural intervention; it is not humanly possible to heal from deep grief.

Level Five – Rediscovery: Rediscovery happens when one starts to realize life could be good again, essentially rediscovering the new self. We all rebound with new scars, slight personality shifts and a different lens through which to view life. This level is about reconstruction and learning to enjoy the life one is now living.

Level Six – Accelerate: Once one has decided to focus on the present and future, after making peace with the past, one will learn to set new goals and work toward accomplishing them. This level is about setting and accomplishing new goals while choosing to live in joy.

These levels are not necessarily progressive; they can be very fluid. Emotional healing is a very personal journey that takes a lot of physical, mental and spiritual introspection. There are going to be events or seasons in our lives that take us from who we were to who we are now—retirement, relocation, death in the family, motherhood, empty nest, divorce and disability. Most of us struggle with these life-altering transitions, and it’s okay to need a bit of help along the way.

Jodi Adcock is a certified life coach, public speaker and host of a monthly podcast, Beautifully Resilient (available on Spotify). She shares her personal story of grief and loss in Beautifully Resilient – Rediscovering Yourself When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned, available through