Friday, May 25, 2018

Xylitol and Dental Health

Processed white sugar is one of the worst inflammatory substances we can put in our bodies. It consists of empty calories that feed yeast, fungus and bacteria while contributing to obesity, tooth decay and numerous diseases. Xylitol, a natural sugar that is processed from birch bark, contains 60 percent of the calories found in sugar but is processed as a complex carbohydrate by the body and does not spike the blood sugar like processed sugar does.

Unlike sugar, xylitol actually benefits the digestive system, fighting the yeast and bad bacteria. The plant-based sugar alcohol is also great for the mouth, killing the bacteria that causes gum disease and cavities.

Individuals must build up a tolerance to xylitol by starting with small amounts and building up as the body adjusts. Using too much initially will result in spending a great deal of time in the bathroom, not because it is harmful but because the body needs time to accommodate it. In addition, xylitol is a natural yeast killer and cannot be used in baked items that require it to rise.

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