Friday, November 22, 2019

Yoga Home School Of Therapeutics Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

In the 10 years since she founded Yoga Home School Of Therapeutics (Yoga Home), which offers a variety of yoga classes for all skill levels, Sara Alavi has continued to earn further professional designations and accreditations, broadening her knowledge and expertise as a healer and practitioner. Alavi, a seasoned, expert-level yoga instructor, describes herself as someone “with a passion for healing the mind, body and spirit through a holistic approach.” To that end, she expanded the offerings of Yoga Home to include services such as quantum tapping, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, yoga therapy and massage therapy.

Alavi was drawn to yoga and natural healing in 1996 when she temporarily lost her vision in her left eye and was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and began practicing yoga, meditation and healing techniques. After embarking upon a reflective journey of self-discovery, which led her to her life’s calling as a healer, she received yoga instructor certification in 2000, and later earned numerous certifications and professional designations in yoga, Reiki healing and hypnotherapy.

“One thing that sets Yoga Home apart from other yoga studios,” Alavi reports, “is the rigorous yoga teacher training program we offer annually. Students can choose between a 200-hour or 300-hour program, both of which are accredited and regulated by the international professional association Yoga Alliance, as well as the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.” Alavi is a member of the International Yoga Therapist Association.

Yoga Home School Of Therapeutics is located at 5801 W. Britton Rd., NW Oklahoma City. For more information, visit